Top 5 Uses for Compost

Top 5 Uses for Compost


For gardeners, compost is like magic. It can help turn struggling plants into flourishing ones. As spring is here, and summer just around the corner, many of us are turning our thoughts to getting out in the garden, with compost a major part of almost all of those plans. The gardening community has found dozens of uses for compost, with an almost infinite number of uses yet unlisted. Here are 5 of our favourite uses for compost – to get your garden flourishing this spring.

What is Compost?

Composting is a process – not just a finished product. It is the natural process of organic matter breaking down. Everything that grows will decompose over time. The process of composting is trying to speed up that process by providing an environment that encourages decomposition. The decomposed matter – which has broken down into a rich, dark soil looking material – known as compost. This is full of broken down nutrients `which can help other plants to grow.

What is Compost Used For?

There are a lot of uses for compost. Essentially, it is used to help other plants grow, by introducing a rich and varied amount of nutrients into the soil where the plant is growing. However, here are five of our favourite uses for compost.


Mulch is a thin layer of material applied onto the surface of the soil. Compost works very well as a mulch. It is naturally dense and absorbent, so it can prevent evaporation if you apply it after watering. It also prevents weeds from sprouting when raked solidly over a layer of soil.

Potting Soil

Potting soil is a type of soil that provides a healthy environment for plants to grow in. It is designed to help recently planted or young plants grow. A high quality potting soil is light and fluffy in order to prevent the soil from becoming too compacted which does not hold water. Compost makes a great addition to potting soil.

Spring Bulbs

When the time for spring bulb planting comes around, you need to give them every possible helping hand you can. Introducing some compost to the hole you plant your bulbs in can help give them an added boost when they emergence from their winter dormancy.

Container Plants

When you have been keeping plants in a pot, you sometimes need to transfer it either into the ground or into a larger pot. The plant will have become used to the soil environment it was in in the pot. As a result, when you add it to a larger pot or the ground, you will need to liven up the soil with some compost.

Fruit & Veg

Fruit and veg, such as tomatoes, squashes and melons are heavy feeders. This means that they require large amounts of nitrogen in order to produce food. One of the main uses of compost is to help add nitrogen to the soil for plants that need it.

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